Hot Melt Slot GunEconoGun Slot Die with Hose and Solenoid1
Hot Melt Slot GunEconoGun Slot Die, 25mm Available in range of sizes2
Hot Melt Slot Gun3
Hot Melt Slot Gun4
Hot Melt Slot Gun5
Hot Melt Slot Gun2 Slot Nozzles Avail 7/8" and 1 1/8"6
Hot Melt Slot Gun7
Hot Melt Slot Gun8
Hot Melt Slot Gun9
Hot Melt Slot Gun10
Hot Melt Slot Gun11
Hot Melt Slot GunHot Melt Slot Gun with Adjustable Bracket12
Hot Melt Slot Gun13
Hot Melt Slot GunHot Melt Slot Gun Sheet Fed with Remoist 14
Hot Melt Slot GunFlat Ribbon Coating15

Compatible With:

Most Hot Melt Adhesives, Hoses, Pattern Controllers.

Hot Melt Slot Gun

Precision narrow web slot die coating applicator for continuous and intermittent hot melt patterns.


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Product Details:

  • Low cost hot melt slot die coating head
  • Coating widths from 1/16" wide to 1" wide
  • Coatings from .001" thick to .020 thick
  • Operated continuously or intermittently
  • Popular applicator for release liner coating with pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Very clean cut off with no adhesive "stringing".
  • 50 million+ module cycle life recorded.
  • Large internal filter with purge feature.
  • Multi Module Head available.


Hot Melt Slot Gun

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